Cargo & Freight Company

Freight and freight management are unique to each company’s specific needs and objectives affecting many factors.  We don’t expect you to adapt to our systems and methods but we are aiming to build a solution to support you and your customers every day on every load.  We are biased toward solving your freight movement/management challenges as cost effective and efficiently as possible.

Serving our customers through changes in economic, market and regulatory conditions has taught us one thing…customers are looking for reliability and dependability.  We have earned (1 load at a time!) long-term relationships with customers who have strict  “No Broker” policies.  Through these relationships and our core practices, we become a reliable carrier among carriers.

We are all for Real People helping Real People.  You will not get a computer prompt asking you to press “1” for customer service.  You will get a real person connecting you to a real person.  This has become more important and valued every day.  You are not a number, You are the reason we are in business and growing to be number “1” in this industry .