We help individuals or groups navigate starting their brand, formulate strategies for growth, and give expert advice.

Brand Development | $800

We help individuals or group develop a brand, starting with a name, logo, and forming their business entity.


Conducted to create a customized plan enabling the individual or group to consistently build their reach. Prices vary if content management and account management are needed.

DJ Service Packs | $250

Professionally crafted DJ Service Packs including the following: artist name, song title, single art, and all necessary mp3/wav files of of the song needed to be successfully delivered to terrestrial, internet and local radio stations. These will be put together for your team to send out. We do not service the record.


Custom graphics for logos, artwork and other digital promotional items as well as website design and creation.


Custom-made press kit for artist that typically consist of their bio, music, press, videos, contact, stats, notable accomplishments, social handles and website. Every press kit is unique, meaning they never look the same. EPK's are typically by management to present artist's to booking agents, A&R's, labels, brands, distribution companies and potential investors.

Onesheet | $150

Essentially a condensed EPK. Limited to one page. Ideal for artists who don’t have a large catalogue or a plethora of notable placements, but want to present themselves professionally.